1. Take one and a half tablespoon of Dant Marjan powder and rub it on your teeth and gum (Same as we brush our teeth with toothpaste)

  2. Rub it for 4-5 minutes

  3. Gargle it with water

Use twice in a day for the best result

  • We are returning back to the traditional concepts of cleaning teeth and gums powder
  • The body’s natural mechanism is such that, greasy waste regularly comes to the mouth.
  • Thus we have to clean our mouth regularly by using bitter, astringent, salty taste containing natural ingredients
  • Its astringent natural ingredients also improve capillary blood supply to the gums that ultimately tighten the gums.
  • Its abrasive action can also improve blood circulation to the root of the teeth which strengthens the teeth
  • Its formula deep cleanses the mouth cells which reduces the foul smell and freshen up the breath
  • Its cleansing formula also controls tartar build-up, prevents cavity, and gives relief in gum bleeding and sensitivity
Dwipantarvacha (Smilax China) Mayam (Cavercus Ganfectoriya) Adarak (Ginger Officinale) Pipul (Piper Longum) Lahori Nimak (Sodium Chloridum) Abha (Acacia Arabica) Rasal (Magnifera Indica) Devkusum (Cariophyllus Aromatica) Tuvari (Alluman Purified) Natural Calcium base

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