Message From The Founder

"Nature helped me recover from paralysis, when science had given up. That's when I founded Immune to provide a guideline on living a healthy and natural life, and minimise the intake of medicines and harmful chemicals"

- Dr. Ketan Amin, Founder

The Proven Products

Dr. Amin has worked in a well-established Ayurvedic company in his early career as an R&D Manager where he researched more than 300 medical plants, formulated products, and got involved in quality testing. He has also been a consultant for numerous pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the United States.

After diving deep into this topic he paid attention to the products he was using on daily basis. Those products were made of synthetic chemicals which did no good for skin in long run. So, he formulated his personal care products at home which were made from Ayurvedic plants and minerals. The products were left in powder and not in gel form to maintain their purity. His friends and family have been using those products for more than two decades and now he feels confident bringing what works for the public.