Why Scalp Massage? Does Massaging With Hair Oil Really Work For Hair Growth?

Why Scalp Massage? Does Massaging With Hair Oil Really Work For Hair Growth?

By Dr. Ketan Amin

Why Scalp Massage? Does Massaging With Hair Oil Really Work For Hair Growth?

Why Scalp Massage? Does Massaging With Hair Oil Really Work For Hair Growth?

Have you ever experienced scalp massage? And do you know what scalp massage is? Let me help you understand. Scalp massage is a gentle and simple massage focused on the scalp, the area where the hair roots lay. It is a relief that follows even after a gentle massage, such a phenomenal one! Massaging the scalp and hair with oil infused with natural ingredients is one among the foremost ways to nourish the scalp and hair.

There is no doubt that scalp massage releases stress and tension, but did you know it benefits hair growth? Yes, it helps to promote hair growth. Eager to learn how? Then this article will help you know everything about scalp massage along with the benefits. So, stick around to find more.

Young woman applying hair oil from a bowl in front of a mirror


Massaging the scalp may have many techniques based on personal preferences, but scalp massage chiefly involves using fingertips and the palm to rub the scalp effectively. It is known to all of us that most folks accumulate much stress and tension towards the hairline and the neck. This might ensue to excess stressing of these regions because of sedentary work lifestyles or perhaps because of poor posture. We usually disregard this tension, but a warm massage of the scalp may reverse the strain you feel because it may be a highly relaxing and restful experience. 

Ayurvedic Significance Of A Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is accompanied by an ancient therapeutic ayurvedic treatment that has been practiced in India for over 5000 years. According to Ayurveda, there are 108 vital points within our body. They are called “marmas”; pressure or acupuncture points. Wherever the arteries, veins, and bone nerves ran into. It is said that 31 marmas out of 108 are present in the head region within the body.

Pressuring or massaging these points can aid in cooling, draining and relieving pressure in the head regions. It also boosts blood circulation as well as promotes healthy and stronger hair. So, scalp massage does tons other than soothing your senses. Now let us move on to whether scalp massage help in hair growth or not.

 How Does Scalp Massage Help To Promote Hair Growth?

Young woman applying hair oil from her palm after shower

Hair growth is one of the greatest benefits that would be linked to a scalp massage. Many would not believe this until they experience it themselves. According to hair consultants and experts, do you know that sturdy and dense hair depends on a healthy diet, adequate nutrition, and proper blood circulation? On an explanatory note, once you give yourself a daily scalp massage, the eye given to the scalp through gentle massage enhances the blood flow within the head. Together with that, it allows the flow of oxygen and nutrients towards those areas. This can be additionally useful for those people who have a tense scalp.

The built-up tension typically restricts economical blood flow within the head. Massaging it relaxes the strain in and around the areas and permits proper blood flow. It has been proven through studies and practically that scalp massage increases hair growth and hair thickness.


Are you getting impatient about massaging your scalp? So, tell us, have you any idea of how will you massage your scalp? Then, let us discuss in detail how to massage your scalp.


You may wonder about the necessity of using oil while massaging the hair. Well, oil works as a lubricator; without oil, your hair could break easily.


Carrier Oil For A Scalp Massage:

For massaging your scalp and hair, choose such oil that is enriched with natural sources. For example, if you have dandruff issues or a dry scalp, you can select Keshin Hair Oil. This oil is said to have a natural formula that can reverse the damaging of hair caused by the environment or heat treatments. In addition, this natural oil provides soothing care to dull, lifeless and weak hair. You can order this oil online here.


Last but not the least, Benefits of a Scalp Massage:

    1. Reduces Stress - Stress at a time plays a significant role in hair loss. A pure massage of the scalp purports a sense of relaxation and effectively reduces stress. This way, alleviation of stress could reduce hair fall too. Relaxing woman is enjoying hair oil massage

  1. Promotes Hair Growth and Thickness - Massaging will strengthen the hair follicles and hence it stimulates hair growth. Also, a visible difference is seen in the thickness of the hair. Therefore, the scalp seems to be fuller; hair fall is noticeably reduced on the other side.
  1. Increase The Healing Ability Of The Body - Headaches caused by stress can be released with the help of scalp massage. Did you know our wounds and healing of the body are strongly interconnected? As scalp massage enhances the blood flow within the body, our body would be better positioned to heal injuries than poor blood circulation.

Regular application of gentle scalp massage leaves hair softer, silkier, and smoother. Also, it improves hair resistance that reduces hair damage and improves overall hair health. If you also want to experience the journey of healthy hair, login into helloimmune.com today.