Effective Ways To Alleviate Muscle Pain and Joint Pain

Effective Ways To Alleviate Muscle Pain and Joint Pain

By Dr. Ketan Amin

Effective Ways To Alleviate Muscle Pain and Joint Pain

What are Muscle Pain and Joint Pain? 

Muscle stiffness also referred to as muscle tension, is one of the foremost common muscle pain causes. It is when your muscles feel tight and more difficult to move than usual. It is characterized by the muscle's inability to relax normally. The condition will affect any of the muscles within the body, causing a pointy pain that creates movement difficulties. Because there’s muscle tissue within all body parts, this sort of pain is often felt practically anywhere. 


Whereas, Joint pain can be described as an aching or arthritic pain. This pain typically ranges from mild to severe and it can be worsened when someone is not able to move the joint. One of the foremost causes of joint inflammation or joint pain is arthritis. Both pains are unique to everyone. So sometimes, it is possible to distinguish between the two.

Muscle stiffness, a part of muscle pain, can be treated with exercise, but with joint pain, usually, swelling occurs around the affected joints. Therefore, this type of pain takes a longer time than the other to heal. 

Common Causes of Muscle Pain 

Prolonged Inactivity of Muscle  

Woman massaging her neck due to pain from working from home

The type of activity usually occurs when a person works for a longer period sitting in a single position. Just like you sit on a desk and bending forward to work on a computer, your chest muscles will be in a shortened position, whereas your upper back muscles will be in a lengthened position. For example, a person works on a computer for a whole day on a long week. This can result in muscle pain over time. This is because your shortened muscle becomes tight, and your lengthened muscles get weak. So, it is important to maintain proper posture when you are seated. 

During Exercise 

Athlete woman holding down to her ankle due to pain

This one is another cause when muscle pain occurs. Muscle pain can occur while you start a new exercise, or some hard physical labor done. Usually, muscle pain or muscle stiffness can occur when someone starts a new routine with physical exercise or increases the duration of their routine. It can lead to muscle pain because muscles are required to work harder and cause microscopic damage to muscles. The type of muscle pain can be prevented by gradually increasing the intensity of new exercise. 

Sprain and Strain 

The most common reason behind muscle pain/muscle stiffness is sprain and strain, which will affect the muscles and ligaments. Sprain or strain from injury or heavy exercise can lead to muscle pain. Skipping warmups, cooldowns, and also an improper form of a certain exercise. After an intense workout, it is normal to have sore muscles and common areas prone to sprains includes knees, ankles, wrists, thumb, etc.  

Ways To Alleviate Muscle/Joint Pain: 

1. Pain Relief Oil 

Poshin Neuro Care Oil by Immune


Pain relief oil is one of the best remedies for treating or relieving muscle pain and joint pain. It is preferable over pain killers. Because pain killers obstruct the brain in conveying the message of pain, therefore, everyone should avoid taking pain killers. Poshin Neuro Care Oil helps to nourish bones, nerves, and muscle tendons. This oil is natural and effective as it gives a warm feeling that reduces stiffness too. 

Immune Poshin Neuro Care Oil is a plant and mineral-based chemical-free oil. It reduces the pain for a longer period or permanently. Applying oil to the affected area can help in pain relief naturally. 

2. Let Your Body Rest 

When our body begins to feel muscle pain or joint pain, it is a sign that our muscles are overuse, and it is important to give the body a rest. It can be because of an intense workout, or any micro-injury occurred. So, at that time it is advisable to give some rest to our body and resting will relieve stiffness and our body get normal as before. Also, note that you should gradually or moderately increase the intensity of the workout. 


Other than the above remedies, it is also advisable to keep your body weight in a healthy range. For that, you can change your diet accordingly. Drink lots of water throughout the day to retain proper hydration of your body. Normal stretching, frequent breakouts, and maintaining good posture will put you away from muscle pain/joint pain. Finally, don’t forget to try out Immune’s natural neuro care oil to get relief from muscle and joint pain.