3 Hair Care Secrets You Should Know To Improve Your Hair

3 Hair Care Secrets You Should Know To Improve Your Hair

By Dr. Ketan Amin

3 Hair Care Secrets You Should Know To Improve Your Hair

Who doesn’t love healthy, thick, and silky hairs, right? But do you take care of your hair or meet its needs just like you care for our skin? When you start taking proper care of your hair just like your skin, you won’t believe the results. We are here to help you with some little but necessary tips for your hair care. Stick with us and follow the tips to get that smooth, strong, and shiny hair. 

Very first, you need to understand that we can have more control over your hair appearance than you might think. It means everything that you use like coloring your hair and styling it with hot tools can cause brittleness to the hair. It also leads to hair damage and makes the hair lackluster.

Using chemical products on your hair to make them look smoother and shinier is not the solution. Because the results you want are not that much easy to achieve. Incorporate a few tricks and tips listed below into your everyday routine and adapting some good hair habits can make your hair journey much easier. 

  1. Do Not Brush Your Hair When Wet

Are you used to brush your hair immediately after hair wash? Don’t try to detangle them right after hair wash. Instead, let them half dry naturally and then use a wide-tooth wooden comb to detangle your hair.

Also note, working through knots and detangle the ends first. This will solve the problem of tangling easily. Working from roots to ends can increase hair fall problems. The behind it is after hair wash our hair becomes brittle from the roots.

Brushing after hair wash can damage the outside layer too instead of hair smoothening. A wide comb will detangle your hair and prevents hair damage. You can use a bristle brush after detangling, it can help to pull down oil from the roots. Protect your hair from damage and make them bouncier. 

  1. Don’t Use Hot Water For Hair Wash 

During winter, it is hard to wash your hair with cold water. But, trust us, using cold water will be a worth to prevent hair damage. Do you know by using hot water, hair cuticles get to open? Another thing to note here is don’t skip conditioning.

Conditioning after shampoo nourishes and strengthens the hair. It also improves the hair strand's elasticity. When you use cold water for hair wash, it helps to seal the hair cuticles as well as inspires hair strands to stay flat.

Kash Marjan (hair wash powder) by Immune

Wash your hair with Kesh Marjan Hair wash from Immune. Get that smooth and shiny hair back with this natural yet homemade hair care product. If you are struggling with dry and uncontrollable hair, it is the best way to keep your hair hydrated as well as for hair growth.

  1. Hot Oil Massage Is The Best Hair Care 

Keshin Hair Oil by Immune

Like skin, the hair also needs nutrients and most of all need hot oil massage. Therefore, take out time for an oil massage once a week. Add extra shine to your hair with natural hair oil that also promotes hair growth faster. For better results, use natural products of immune. Because your hair needs natural products for long-term results. Keshin Hair Oil from Immune is perfect for dry, brittle, split ended and unmanageable hair.  

Advantages of using hair oil

  • Oil massage strengthens the hair from the root and makes the hair grow faster.
  • By applying oil regularly, the hair becomes silky soft.
  • Oil massage gives a feeling of relaxation. It also removes stress.
  • Hydrates your hair and reverses the damage inflicted by heat treatments, pollution & styling products.

Every girl wants to have long hair. But nowadays due to a bad lifestyle, your hair becomes weak and starts breaking, because of this, your dream of long hair is broken.

Some extra tips to take care of your Hair

We know the hair on our head is very important for us. It not only protects the skin of the head from the sun but also has many benefits. These walls are made of a special type of protein of our own body named carotene. Care for your hair by applying the above tips and tricks.

If you do not take proper care of your hair, then soon your hair will either start falling or start premature graying. There could be some other problem related to hair. The hair on the head is an important part of our personality also. It is known as the crown. It also enhances the look of our faces. Be beautiful with Immune's Hair Care solutions.